Welcome to Spellbound Flowers


 The Spellbound Manifesto 2020


We do not believe that flowers should be orderly and polite.

We believe that much like life, 

true magic is found in the bedlam and chaos.

While some prefer tame, we revel in being feral.

Where some opt for natural, we are Supernatural.


We do not make bouquets.

We write one of a kind letters that speak your heart,

and no story is ever written the same.

As intrepid seekers of the new, now, and wow - 

nothing is repeated or exact.

We promise nothing other than our work being *wonderful*.


The best beauty isn't well-mannered ; 

it is brazen, disquiet, rebellious- 

and we are devoted to the best .


We are unbehaved, unmanageable, uncontrollable, 

unrestrained, unequaled, unprecedented and unrivaled.

We are Spellbound-

And we are wild.