Spellbound Flowers is founded in a passion for creating unique bespoke design so we don’t offer much in the way of repeat designs or pre-made arrangements.

We are never offended by a budget and are happy to create a custom tailored bouquet or arrangement according to your desired colors, flowers and occasion.

For inspiration visit our Gallery.

Delivery :

 We provide floral delivery to : 97005,97006,97007,97015,97030,97045,97060,97062,97070,97086,97140,97201,97202,97204 , 97205,97206,97209,97210,97211,97212,97213,97214,97215,97216 , 97217,97218,97219,97220,97221,97222,97223,97224,97225,97227,97228,97229,97230,97232 , 97233,97239,97266,97299 and Washington Zip Codes: 98607,98665,98682,98683,98684

It is possible to deliver outside these zip codes but please call for certainty and rate.

For easy ordering for delivery and pickup 


We look forward to working with you!


2 thoughts on “Ordering/Delivery

  1. Hayley Jones says:

    Hi Spellbound! My name is Hayley and I live in Australia. My husband is in Portland (Gresham ZIP: 97080). I have checked the post code range in which you deliver but it doesn’t say you deliver there.

    Just wondering as a massive favour for Valentines Day (HE LOVES YOUR FLOWERS and talks about Spellbound all the time!!!!) if you could possibly deliver there? It doesn’t have to be on Valentines day it could be the day before?

    I’m looking forward to your reply 🙂

    Hayley Jones (Facebook follower :))

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