Ordering For Delivery and Pick Up

I founded Spellbound Flowers with a vision for creating unique bespoke design, so I don't offer much in the way of repeat designs or pre-made arrangements.

Ordering online works exactly like it does at the stand, find a design you enjoy- or if you trust my fantastic judgement ( which, really- you should I am very good at this ) a Floriographers Choice Bespoke Bouquet ( paper wrapped) or a Atelier Arrangement ( in a vase)

2. choose your price point 

3.tell me favorite colors 


4.let me work my magic.

We accept all major credit cards, PayPal, PayPal Credit and Venmo.

I am never offended by a budget and am happy to create a custom tailored bouquet or arrangement according to your desired colors, flowers and occasion.

I will ask that you temper your expectations and not expect a 25.00 bouquet full of Peonies in December, of course they are possible, but they are also expensive. If you are looking for something out of season or elaborate give me a call or send a text to 971-533-7233 or email


Spellbound Flowers delivers to :

97005,97006,97007,97015,97030,97045,97060,97062,97070,97086,97140,97201,97202,97204 , 97205,97206,97209,97210,97211,97212,97213,97214,97215,97216 , 97217,97218,97219,97220,97221,97222,97223,97224,97225,97227,97228,97229,97230,97232 , 97233,97239,97266,97299

and Washington Zip Codes: 98607,98665,98682,98683,98684

It is possible to deliver outside these zip codes but please call for certainty and rate.

 All delivery is scaled by milage from the cart.

Spellbound Flowers is a one woman show,so I use contracted couriers to deliver my florals when I am not available or the distance is too far.


If you wish to pick up at the stand choose FREE PICK UP on the last screen of check out, please include desired pick up time in the notes