What is “Bespoke”?


 adjective \bi-ˈspōk, bē-\

: made to fit a particular person.

Bespoke is a word most often employed in the world of tailoring, but at Spellbound Flowers I use it to describe *how* I  design.

We believe that your relationships with friends,lovers, family and associates are one of a kind so when the need arises for flowers, the flowers you give should be as unique as the relationship you have with the recipient.

I go to flower market everyday with  a 3 point criteria:

Is it fresh?   Is it fierce?   Is it fabulous?

If it is, it finds a home at Spellbound. This standard shows itself in magnificent colors and design elements that are imaginative, fanciful and innovative in their fashion forward approach.

From single stems and simple hand tied bouquets to elaborate design,bridal construction and signature Fleur Couture flower crowns. Spellbound’s work distinguishes itself with accessible prices and unparalleled  design that is significant, elegant and enchanting.

To Create your own custom order please phone 971.533.7233 or

use the contact form on the ORDER PAGE

For inspiration view our GALLERY or  “like” us on Facebook for frequent updates on what’s fresh, fierce, fabulous and in stock.


3 thoughts on “What is “Bespoke”?

  1. Lindsey quint says:

    I am looking for the following for a July 17th wedding next summer.

    5 men’s boutineer: simple small coral flower (rose?), 2 with babies breath added.

    2 corsages: same

    10 simple table centerpieces: inexpensive coral flower with added white filler flowers, possibly some greenery as well . Vases would be about 10 inches tall, 5-6 inches wide. Arrangement size big enough to fill that out.

    3 bridesmaid bouquets: small, white calla lilies with coral and royal blue accent flowers

    Bridal bouquet: cascading, mostly calla lilies, with a small amount of coral and royal blue accent flowers.

    Can you give me an estimated price for this? If the price is within my range I will come in for a meeting to get a more accurate pricing from you. But I would like to have an estimate before I travel to meet you as I live in portland. I am very flexible on the arrangements and flower types, and would like to work within a reasonable budget.

    Thank you for your help, and I hope to hear from you very soon.

  2. Will says:


    My name is Will. I’m a photo Artist. I have been take street photographs of my home town for the last five years. Yesterday it was nice out so I was in the area taking photographs. I think this one is you. If you don’t like it I will take it down but I thought you would enjoy looking at it. Its cold out today and raining. I hope you survive and sell lots!




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