Mother's Day 2022 Updates

Published by Nico Bella on May 3rd 2022


Hello Friends, Fiends and Fancy Flower Fans,

I am taking to the blog to update you on what to expect as this Mother of a holiday is upon us.

Let's get the bad news out of the way...We are without some of our reliable reoccurring characters for this year's bouquets between supply chain issues and our local prolonged cold snap. Due to rain and frigid temperatures, our local favorites like Lupine and Peonies are not available yet.

I am keeping my eye on what *is* available in imports, but the prices are *astronomical* so unless you placed an order in advance of this week- I will not be stocking them.

As always, you can count on me to sleuth and source the best flower on the market to make certain your gifts are remarkable.

Instead of limiting you to specific designs and flowers, I encourage you to get personal and design for your Mom.

Tell me about the woman you are designing for, and I will make her a one-of-a-kind bouquet that reflects who she is. Does she love the ocean and cool tones like sage green, violet, and blue? Or is she a rocker mom who loves electric persimmon and hot pink?

If you are looking for something even more personal, tell me what you want the flowers to say to her, and using their symbology, create a one-of-a-kind message. Gratitude, devotion, grace, joy, and unconditional love....all these things can be expressed in flowers. Message bouquets include a hand-lettered guide, decoding the arrangement's message in the language of flowers.

Two new designs are available this year, "A Mother's Love" filled with Ballet Pink Carnations and "Hey Mama" a Mixtape Mixed bouquet of peach, pink, blue, and white that comes with a QR code to a Spotify playlist of Mama songs by Disc Jockey Full of Bourbon. ( If your Mom has no idea what a Spotify or a QR code is, we can burn a CD for $10.00)

We will be open for extended hours on May 6th, 7th, and 8th and offer free pick up from the studio in NE Portland or delivery (for a fee). Order from the site or phone 503-496-8982 to place your order

Just a couple notes on ordering :

1.) Please double check the address and include complete delivery information, including the recipient's phone number.

Note: If we are delivering to an apartment, please give us complete directions on HOW to deliver and access codes if available. Apartment deliveries can be VERY challenging if we do not have complete info you run the risk of them not being delivered correctly or on time if you give us incomplete or incorrect information.

2.) Delivery is based on 5 digit zip code, and the program only knows the zip codes that are programmed into it. If you are only offered free pick up, check the zip code, and make sure it is a zip code we deliver to. Keep in mind, zip codes are constantly changing - especially in the suburbs; feel free to phone me at 503-496-8982 if you run into a snag.

3.) Deliveries are on a route that will leave the shop Saturday and Sunday at 11 AM- we are not offering early AM deliveries this year- if you need your flowers in the AM, please have them delivered the night before or select free pick up at check out (pickups are available @ 8 AM Sat and Sun).

Your Mom is one-of-a-kind, and she deserves one-of-a-kind flowers; I look forward to making you the most splendid, thoughtful, and straight-up fabulous Mother's Day Flowers you can find in Portland.