The Mixtape Bouquet

Published by The Floriographer on Aug 27th 2018

Every couple of weeks I will be adding a new stock bouquet to our inventory - this week I would like to introduce the first of our signature swooners!

This one harkens back to the main courting tool of my youth- The Mixtape.

I used to spend hours making tapes and decorating covers for my beloved du jour.

The fine mix of songs and collage art were my way of sharing all the things I couldn't say. When I found Milktape it instantly triggered my memories of making these tapes and I knew I just had to make a Spellbound product out of it.

The Mixtape Bouquet


This package deal consists of a gorgeous mason jar arrangement in your color of choice and a USB mixtape from Milktape!

Milktape Specs:

  • Mac and PC compatible
  • holds 128 MB ( 15 songs average)
  •  has a blank cover for personalizing.

You can pick up your Milktape at the store and D.I.Y. OR send us your files with an in order list( I'll even hand letter the cover!) Only $70.00 + delivery ( also available for pick up @ the store)

To Order email your floriographer at: OR call 971.533.7233

Oh and If you've never made a mixtape - Here's my pal Rob Gordon breaking it down for you :