2016 The year we go *Wild*


After 2.75 years in business i finally feel like I am getting my groove in what this thing is all about.
I remain as madly in love with my creation as the day i imagined it- but woah nelly it has taken it’s pound of flesh (and given a few too)
I will title year 3 “making the same mistakes for the last time”
Going in to year 4 I feel like I have returned to the seat of creativity of this and rather seamlessly the math and the magic are *finally* starting to gel.

The biggest thing has been getting back to what I want Spellbound to be…a little travel back in time is required, indulge me.
I worked in kitchens for 7 years of my life. I started as a dishwasher but quickly fell in to cooking and it became an intense passion – if not obsession.
The right ingredients and right spices- the risk paired with the science of the elements and time – were always worth the reward of of a delighted customer, a happy sweetheart, friend, beloved… The efforts and planning were always worth the *yum*.
I feel the same way about my flowers-my obsessive efforts to seek out brilliant product, present it uniquely and create unexpected and deeply personal work for people- are always worth the *yum*… Or in this case the *wow! *
I have struggled with how to run Spellbound for a long time- it just never made sense to me. It’s not a normal store or flower shop- and I never wanted it to be, but when you look at others as business models and take the advice of business advisors who only see growth/expansion as moving forward- well you make bad decisions and detour yourself from the viscera.
I found the more I expanded the less I touched flowers-the more staff I added the more I spent time managing and not making.
I am a maker, not a manager.
(i repeat this like a mantra again and again. It is a lesson I certainly do not want to learn again… Nope, nope, nope.)
I fell in to a very dark part of my heart with the business-it hadn’t been satisfying and financial challenges
and poor choices left me in a nasty place filled with hurt feelings, debt, put out people and well…. Everything but the beauty that should be my focus.
So I let myself consider letting go.
I thought about shutting down/shuttering the doors and letting it join the ranks of something I once was.
Here’s the funny thing about passions- they are stronger than us.
In trying to shut it down and close it out the seeds and spark of what made me want this, pushed through to bloom and blaze.
I’m not often n one to use another’s words in place of mine  but this beautiful quote summed it up perfectly:

“In the midst of winter, I found there was, within me, an invincible summer.

And that makes me happy. For it says that no matter how hard the world pushes against me,within me, there’s something stronger – something better, pushing right back.”

-Albert Camus

I am in love all over again and my hunger for seeking out and bringing you the wow is tenfold.

This lead me to find the words for the mission statement I was egged to write but had been choking on for *months* but perhaps because this is greater than a mission- to me it’s a revolution and me,being the girl I am, mission is much too tame a word- I am about manifestos.
So here you have it, the land where I stand and the compass that I heed.

The Spellbound Manifesto

“We do not believe that flowers should be orderly and polite.
We believe that much like life, the magic is found in the Bedlam and chaos.

The best beauty isn’t well-mannered, it is brazen,disquiet and rebellious.
And we believe in the best.

We are unbehaved, unmanageable,uncontrollable, unrestrained, unequalled, unprecedented and unrivaled.

We are Spellbound-
And we are *wild*


I am so looking forward to all the new that the year has in store for me and the company.
I am overfull with new ideas..

Thank you for being here/there and I wholeheartedly wish a happy 2016 to all our friends, fiends and fans, stay tuned, it’s about to get very exciting….for you and for me.


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