Kickstart My Cart Part 2: An Update!

We got updates on the build for the new Spellbound cart and WOWOHWOW is she GORGEOUS.

As you remember from our last cart update DJ from Woods General Contracting had loaded up our old  work table and was taking it back to his shop.

We had an idea of where to go- it needed to have  racks for the buckets, locking doors, a roof and work tables  so I could build larger designs in addition to handties.

I know DJ is a talented builder, he made the gorgeous planter I have in my studio from re-purposed pallets and I knew he not only understood the necessity of the cart being useful- but that Spellbound had a specific aesthetic it needed to embody-

Well, look at our worktable now!



I can hardly believe it!

Just wait til she gets a coat of  *THIS*



With my Witch Hats and Tshirt pre-orders I was able to raise HALF of what I needed to bring this baby home.

Now it’s Thanksgiving week and I am hoping that with sales of bouquets and centerpieces I can rally the funds I need to park this pretty on the square by December 1st and  kick off  the holiday month with the new cart in place.

With the new cart comes new extended hours of operation and  it *finally* means being open 7 days a week. It also means having the goods on hand to create gorgeous arrangements in addition to the  luxe handties and single stems we’ve been selling for nearly 2 years now!

If you wish to order Thanksgiving flowers please visit our Thanksgiving Blog for details.


Your Floriographer

Miss Nico B.









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