Thanksgiving Centerpieces and Hostess Flowers

With Thanksgiving soon approach I want to give the early reminder to pre order centepieces and host/hostess bouquets.

Inspired by the designs I did for Lan Su for the Ninth Moon Floral Design ShowcaseI will be adding Manzanita Branches, Chrysanthemums and luxe Mango/Papaya Calla Lilies to my usual array of roses, thistle, kale and and greens

I steer away from offering “pre made” designs so that YOU can dictate your budget, feel,size and scale of the arrangement.

I will be offering pick up AND delivery both Tuesday  the 25th and Wed. the 26th and will be open early and closing late Wed. November 26th.

Use the handy contact form at the bottom of this page to get your order started-


One thought on “Thanksgiving Centerpieces and Hostess Flowers

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