Ninth Moon Floral Design Showcase

With running the flower cart at the square and spending my days being the bike based florist it’s sometimes a little easy for me to forget that large scale design is one of my great *passions* when it comes to floral.

In September I applied and was accepted in to the First Annual Ninth Moon Floral Design Showcase at  The Lan Su Chinese Garden in Portland.

I proposed an idea that would travel through 2 feels one more natural and the other more gilded and ornamental.

My design was based on the Hans Christian Andersen fairy tale “The Nightingale”. I chose it no so much for it’s relevance to Ninth Moon or Chrysanthemums but for it’s significance in my life as an introduction to Chinese imagery.

I was a fairy tale addict- still am for all intents and purposes and when I was a kid,Fairy Tale Theater on Showtime was one of my OBSESSIONS. I had tape upon tape of recorded episodes and when I went to my Grandparents house they were immediately in the VCR- do not pass go, do not collect 200 dollars.

One of my favorites was the telling of The Nightingale with Mick Jagger starring as The Emperor. It profoundly affected me and set off an interest in Chinese design and culture in my kid brain.

The full episode is on YouTube, enjoy!

I wanted my design to reflect my love of the story, plus embrace my lyric “fairy tale flowers” style.

I also had to make certain that my design showcased our leading lady  Chrysanthemum but I personally felt the need to be  VERY careful to not appropriate things of cultural bearing without proper education about them

I named the design “Don’t Forsake What’s Real” reflecting on the lesson at the core of the story-  I won’t give you the readers digest version,if you want that go HERE ( or, go to the library and read the lovely story.)


I will be in the Garden this Sunday November 16th at 1 PM with the Petal Pusher doing a demo- a chrysanthemum and rose filled flower crown is certain- and perhaps an ornate handtie.

Thanks again to Leanne Kesler , my mentor and teacher at Floral Design Institute for egging me on and convincing me I had what it takes to dive in the big water..

* When I was researching my Fairy Tale I wound up doing additional reading on Hans Christian Andersen and I found a quote from him I found very fitting for this time in my life.

“Life itself is the most wonderful fairy tale.”

2 years ago I hadn’t yet fully decided if I would start school at Floral Design Institute or not.

Last Friday night I was under a big bright moon in the Chinese Garden sipping champagne with world class designers…whom are now my peers.

A fairy tale indeed.


One thought on “Ninth Moon Floral Design Showcase

  1. Marianna Smith says:

    Your design was quite enchanting. I loved most of the entries, I think the show was a success and now that I have watched the cat out of the tree (as we say in good old Holland where I come from), I will definitely try to get a place in this great floral design show next year. Better start honing my skill starting now.

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