Kickstart My Cart…with my art!

Hello Friends, fiends and fancy flower fans-

It’s the last day of Summer and Saturday marked the end of my wedding season- *whew* WOW!
I cannot wait to write the recap of this summer’s enchanting weddings that I had the honor of designing.
In was my second year as a wedding designer and I have to say I have really found my stride and style as a florist and my brides were the *BEST* in town ( and out of town…that Bellingham brood was RIDONK! XO!)

With the ushering in of Autumn comes a welcome wave of changes at Spellbound namely- that after 1.75 of daily duty the Petal Pusher is being curbed so that I may launch a larger cart and offer full service floral at Pioneer Courthouse Square.
The process had been plagued with stops, starts and “OHMYGODHOWMUCH????es
But everything went in to fast forward motion when I found a diamond in the rough worktable up for grabs outside of Green Drop Garage- I called my friends Hannah and DJ @ Woods General Contracting and said “so hey…I’ve got a project for you”
As of last week the cart in in DJ’s custody for a great big makeover where our shared passion for working with re-purposed materials is being blended with my needs for the cart to be safe, functional and yes, AWESOME.
Here’s DJ loading the green beastie up:


With the new cart being built and a new version of Spellbound on the way (easy custom ordering online, more custom items) I am in need of some capitol to move it all forward.

I looked in to Kickstarter but it is hard for me to justify using a service that takes so much off the top. I don’t want the money people put towards fees- I want it to buy you more stuff! SO with that I am launching Spellbound’s own self sponsored “KICKSTART MY CART” campaign.

As always the best way to support Spellbound is to BUY FLOWERS- However, your Floriographer is more than a florist- she is an artist and maker of things, really good things..really good things that you might very well want in the upcoming fancy dress and gift giving season.

So with that, here are your treasure purchase options!

Spellbound Witch Hats


It is the witching season and I thought what better way to pass the cauldron than to start a witch hat drive!
Orders are being taken this week with a delivery date of October 15th (if you need it sooner, do ask) and I can ship anywhere in the country
Every hat is 1 of a kind, as bespoke as the bouquets I sell- if you are a lover of spooky luxe you will most certainly be bewitched.

Floriographer’s Choice ( color request allowed) are $50.00

Buy Now Button with Credit Cards
Completely Custom are $60.00

Buy Now Button with Credit Cards

Here are some examples of previous creations

 The Monarch’s Tiny Crown


For all my aspiring Queen Bees ( or in my case Queen Bey) this crown design was created for the PICA Critical Mascara Ball in Homage to Beyonce’s Mrs. Carter World Tour promo materials.

Made with satin covered wire loops to easily pin in to hair or wig- *for especially short hair – I can make it on a headband

This is completely hand formed and decorated- I can make it to any color specifics and even add LED lights so you can rule in the dark!

Standard Tiny Crowns are 65.00 ( color request for metal and velvet allowed)

Buy Now Button with Credit Cards

Custom with LED or rhinestones, please inquire @

Spellbound Tshirts/Prints (OMG!)


I have been waiting nearly 2 years to make my own merch! Now not only do I have art that is *right* it is also art that is *mine*. It makes me absolutely wiggle to get to share this with you.



Shirts will be printed in a pencil-like finish on light grey and pink distressed tshirts made by Bella+ Canvas
Each shirt will be finished with hand painted details.
Prints will be 11×17 on coarse paper with hand painted details and a hand-lettered flower story.

T Shirts ( specify S,M.L.XL or 2XL and color in purchase notes)  $27.00

Buy Now Button with Credit Cards

Prints $15.00

Buy Now Button with Credit Cards

Nouveau Sketch Flower Story


A  one of a kind sketch paired with a handwritten flower story from The Floriographer.

Buy Now Button with Credit Cards

So there you have it- a whole shopping mall of witchy, bewitching and prettypretty delights for you to call your own while helping me take Spellbound to it’s next adventure

I am starting here!- How quickly can I fill this beast up?


The phone lines are clear and we are open for business…..




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