“Hello 2014” Bouquet a Spellbound Flowers Exclusive


After a lot of research and musing I have finally found the perfect combo of flowers for my Hello 2014 bouquet.
This year’s theme is “Fruition”

fru·i·tion (fr-shn)
1. Realization of something desired or worked for; accomplishment
2. Enjoyment derived from use or possession.
3. The condition of bearing fruit.

I don’t know about you but I have a history of a lot of good things always “In the works” in my life.
An abundance of great ideas, plans and desires but I haven’t always seen them through to the end.
2013 changed that in me forever.
This year has been a wild ride. Last year at this time,I hadn’t even started classes at Floral Design Institute and *shazow!* it’s December and here I am typing to you from inside Spellbound Central on Broadway. I own a store and tomorrow December 29th is the 9 month anniversary of The Petal Pusher being at Pioneer Square.
I have worked harder than I ever have in my entire life this last year ( If you know me, you’ve seen the sweat, the tears, the tantrums…oh, the tantrums ) but I have also experienced the overwhelming high-five to the heart that comes with making an idea come to life and it being as good as I thought it could be.
Making beautiful flower arrangements is more than a job- it’s my passion and there isn’t a day that passes where I don’t have a moment of absolutely electric gratitude for the fact that my work *IS* something I love.
What I didn’t expect was that this job would serve to grow my heart so much and I have my customers to thank. You come to me in such vulnerable places- in love, in sorrow, in joy and celebration and I get to hear your stories and tell you mine and let me tell you- WOW! What fun you make my life!
what beauty you bring to the table and what a gift you give *me* in trusting me to help you say what you cannot always say.
So with you- all of you-bringing Spellbound in to Fruition,
I present this years bouquet.


White Oriental Lilies from Peterkort Farms
Yellow and White Roses
Bells of Ireland
Flowering Kale
& Rosemary

Every flower tells a story and this bouquet is a great big wish for a fresh start full of love,endurance,luck,abundance,joy,security,gain, fruitfulness and the strength to navigate life’s twists and turns.
This is all finished off with a little Rosemary as a reminder to – while not “ignore” the past ( because let’s face it if you ignore it you’re doomed to repeat it) but to allow it to stay there, in the past.

These will all be done as burlap wrapped bouquets ( entirely inspired by our heroes, Farmgirl Flowers in SF)
Small $17.00
Medium $25.00
Large: $35.00

Even if you’re not in the market for flowers this NYE ( I gasp, I swoon!) I pose the question to you-
What do you want to see come in to fruition in 2014?
What love letter do you want to be writing to your life a year from now?

Thank you again for everything, it’s been a beautiful year because of you

Your Floriographer



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