Flower Fairy Birthday Parties by Spellbound Flowers

Dearest Darlings ( in particular Mums and Dads…)
in 2014 Spellbound Flowers will be hosting Flower Fairy Birthday Parties for Little ones. (O.k.- big ones too)
Hosted either at your home or in the glimmer parlour known as Spellbound Flowers,
The Floriographer (a professional Fairy Godmother if there ever was one) will create a custom fancy fete
with storytelling,activities and crafts.
Party guests will make small arrangements to take home and can play in
Miss Nico’s dress up trunk full of butterfly wings, tutus, tiaras, antennae and *sparkles*.
Contact Nico @ 971.533.7233 or email her @
info@spellboundflowers.com and discuss your party options!
* The Floriographer also owns a Glinda costume should your little one wish for a flower filled Munchinland of Oz!
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