Spellbound speaks the Language of Flowers


I became fascinated with Floriography ( The Language of Flowers) when I was a child ( if it was a code, secret language or symbology- I was on it like Portlanders on Kale) and when I had my “a-ha!” that flowers were my thing, I felt there was a way to meld it with design and make something not only beautiful,but meaningful.

The Language of Flowers, or “Floriography” is a lexicon of meanings for every flower. It’s use came in to prominence in the Victorian Era and was used to send coded notes in bouquets and nosegays commonly called “Tussie Mussies”. These encrypted bouquets often expressed strong feelings that due to social mores had to go unexpressed for fear of being too risque.

In 2013 there are very few things considered too risque, but I see the need for Floriography more than ever because we live in an era where sweetness and sentiment go unexpressed. The fear of “too risque” has been swapped for the fear of “too risky” and things too often go unsaid.

I know this code and have carefully notated all the the flowers I sell so that with blooms, greens, colors ( get to know The Rose Code) you can tell a story, write a love letter and speak your heart.

If you have had some feelings wrapped up in clover and wish to let them be known; be it a message of love, an apology, a gratitude or of just plain “you’re marvelous!”, come see me at Spellbound Flowers and we will write the perfect *love letter* today.


The Floriographer

* The By The Stem Flower Bar has all the meanings noted on the vases so you can choose your words wisely.




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