Spellbound Flowers opens @ 521 S.W. Broadway

Hello friends–

I promise to start updating this blog more now that I will have inside office hours more than 5 minutes a week.

Those of you who follow us on Facebook and Instagram know the scoop but those of you that *don’t* have every form of social media on earth,may not know that our plans to open a retail store have changed a little.

Our location in S.E. began to present obstacles and when something presents obstacles so early on it is best to acknowledge the red flags and not say “Hey, it’s already decorated!” so I began to look around at our options.

Rather quickly a GORGEOUS option presented itself and well…now it’s history.

We are now opening @ 521 S.W. Broadway in a beautiful little space that for many years housed the fancy (under)pants “Jane’s Vanity”. ( for those of you lamenting the loss of Jane’s,you can find Jane and her treasures at www.Janesvanity.com)

Nestled between Teuscher Chocolates and Kassab Jewelers we are just across the hall from Oregon Wines…Diamonds, Chocolate, Wine and now Flowers? Oh! Swoonsville deluxe! The store will offer all the same lovely flowers by the stem that The Petal Pusher Pop Up has offered plus an array of cards and gifts curated by myself and my charming staff.
We will also offer more elaborate design options,vase based creations ( the bike just doesn’t allow glassware!) and an entire section dedicated to domestically and locally grown flowers for shoppers who believe in buying local.
The Petal Pusher Pop Up will remain open at The Square during the winter with winter hours of Monday-Friday from 12-6.

We will be open Halloween week, full to the brim with Bewitching “Boo-quets! and on Friday Nov. 1st we will have a grand opening reception from 5-?- stay tuned for a formal invite!
Hours will be a little strange for the next couple of weeks while Veronica,Nicki, Jordan and I get a feel for hours but you can visit us @ The Petal Pusher Pop Up Monday – Friday from 11-6 or call 971.533.7233 to place an order.

In the meantime,here’s a little gallery of our lovely shop transforming :


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